“Little Bird has been working with us for some time now, and it is a very positive partnership. They work hard to understand their client’s needs, are very comfortable working with ambiguity, and are flexible and agile. They’ve supported us in developing and delivering our leadership development programme, as well as providing one to one and team coaching support to our leadership community, both of which are already having a significant and very positive impact on leadership behaviours and culture change across our business.

They seek to understand our context, tailor content and delivery to meet our needs, and  continuously evolve the brief to ensure it is fit for purpose.  They are true experts, care deeply about their clients and work tirelessly to deliver a quality product.  Little Bird is a trusted partner and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others seeking to undertake leadership and cultural transformation.”

“Working with Little Bird has been truly inspirational and transformational for us as an organisation. Following a period of transition to independence as an organisation, the merging of two organisations and a significant staff restructure, we have benefited significantly from external, independent support in building and developing our new team at all levels of our organisation.

Supporting the whole team, the Board, and individuals through coaching, we have been challenged, developed, and inspired to bring new perspectives to the way we work together and lead within our day to day work – a desire and willingness to want to understand how we can improve and work better together, with the whole team taking individual ownership and responsibility for our improvement journey.

Every member of our team has benefitted both personally in terms of individual development and contributed to the collective cultural and behavioural change the organisation has experienced, which has been expertly led and facilitated by Little Bird.

Our staff and stakeholder satisfaction surveys speak for themselves in quantifying the value of this work, we will be continuing to use Little Bird to guide and support our improvement journey and I have actively recommended Little Bird to all organisations seeking a change in behaviour and culture.”

“We originally commissioned Little Bird to help with the shaping of the organisation and getting our company’s value and ethos out to potential clients, partners and employees. One of the first things that we were able to achieve was to refresh and develop our vision, mission and company values and behaviours. We worked with Little Bird to understand what made us different, and then started to shout out about it.

In addition, we have been working with Little Bird to develop our senior leadership team to help them take more accountability and responsibility for the growth of the company. This work has been delivered through a variety of methods, including 121 coaching and team sessions. The results have meant that the company now has a rapidly developing leadership team, with growth potential. Also, as individuals, the team have personally benefited from the coaching in terms of developing confidence and building on their personal goals and ambitions.

Little Bird has also worked with the Directors of the business to help with their personal development and the maturity of their roles. We establish challenging targets around personal behaviours and impact, thought leadership, and growing the network and presence across the region and country. The results from this work has led to a great visibility and presence of the organisation across the region, a growing network and three award nominations, with two wins in one year!”


The 1:1 coaching I had with Alison over a 6-8 month period was instrumental to my growth over that time and more importantly to my confidence. My boss commented on how I’d moved away from a parent child-like relationship at work to now having more confidence to own things and lead others.

Alison gave me the space to discuss openly how I was feeling at work and we worked through lots of real life examples of where I was struggling or didn’t know how to deal with certain situations. She gave me tools and techniques to deal with my stress and that feeling of being overwhelmed. I was able to identify emotional triggers for me and put things into place to protect my wellbeing. Alison is so fantastic at what she does because she isn’t listening just so you can offload and feel better, she’s listening so she can help you be better. I came away from each coaching session with ideas and actions I could put into practice. That was from Alison asking the right questions and listening with purpose, to help me come to some of those conclusions myself. In that way, I felt empowered and in control of my own actions and decisions.

Since my personal coaching, I have asked Alison to do some coaching with my whole team, where I have recognised they would benefit. Not only have these group sessions supported us professionally but more so emotionally. The initial purpose of the team coaching session was around how do we better support others in our role running a graduate programme. We came away feeling more empowered to support others but also we came away feeling more connected emotionally as a team and that has been incredibly powerful to our relationships and ways of working. I would highly recommend Alison as a coach to anyone. She has so much compassion and warmth for those she works with and is honest and listens with so much care. I feel I’m a different person in the workplace because of the support and coaching I’ve had, and for that I will always be incredibly grateful.”


“During the closing assembly one year 6 boy said to me ‘I love this book’. When I asked him why he responded by saying that ‘it’s a lovely story, but it’s not just for us, the younger children will like it too.’ The sense of unity and support and friendship in that assembly was incredible.”

Sarah Cahill – Assistant Head Teacher, Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School

“I believe in this work. I would call upon other head teachers, governing bodies and senior leadership teams, with all the challenges that we face in schools across the country, that this [Dreams Workshop] is a way of bringing joy and purpose to your role and the lives of your children.”

Nicole Fowles – Head Teacher, Coleshill Heath School

“We’re very pleased to be supporting the Little Bird school workshops as part of our CSR activity. It’s very different and I’m certain the children will enjoy all aspects of it, from understanding self-belief to reaching out to children on the other side of the world”

Andy Holding, Corporate Responsibility Manager at Birmingham Airport

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